We fast forward promising companies to 2032

FF2032 is Lotus Bakeries’ corporate venture fund focused on the broader food & drinks space. We provide minority growth equity to support top-notch entrepreneurs to significantly scale their business.

Investment Focus

At FF2032, we primarily focus on innovative products, technologies or market approaches within the food and drinks industry. We are specifically interested in the better-for-you segment and focus on businesses that have already generated traction in the market.

We also have a keen interest in companies that specialise in innovating in the field of sustainability (for example innovative packaging solutions) and food technology.

Food and drinks


Food Technology

Our mission

We support entrepreneurs on their path to transform the food and drinks industry

We engage in interactive partnerships with top-notch entrepreneurs or management teams. We strongly believe that the combination of expertise from an established brand and innovative stimuli from entrepreneurs makes for an inspiring collaboration.

We’re in it for the long run, making only long-term minority investments.

Our connection with the Lotus Bakeries Group allows us to access deep knowledge and expertise, providing us with a solid foundation to support entrepreneurs financially, strategically and commercially.

Our investments



At FF2032, we all share a passion for food & drinks. Together we combine deep knowledge about the food & drink industry. We set out to share this expertise and passion with ambitious entrepreneurs.

Jan Boone

CEO Lotus Bakeries Group

Isabelle Maes

CEO Natural Foods BU Lotus Bakeries Group
Mike Cuvelier

Mike Cuvelier

CFO Lotus Bakeries Group

Benoit Graulich

External Advisor FF2032

Wouter Verstringe

Investment Director FF2032

Axel Malbrain

Investment Associate FF2032